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Escort Agency Frequently Asked Questions!

Que: How do I book an escort in Best Goa Escort Agency?

Ans: Simply read our appointment process and call our phone number to commence the booking process.

Que:How soon would I be visited by the lady?

Ans: That is depending on where you are residing or staying. If you are not further then 3rd. zone, normally it does not take longer then 40 minutes. Our escort agency is well-organised and we are one of the quickest in Goa and other areas. If you are sure about the girl you want to see and you provide sufficient information to appear genuine we will be on the other phone talking to the girl letting her know. That is to say having your details still being taken the girl will be calling a cab or the driver. We are trying to save every minute of your time providing the best service we can.

Que: I speak to an escort directly?

Ans: Sure. Once you make a booking and she arrives, you can speak to her as long as you like. Prior contact over the phone is not possible. Of course we will pass your requirements onto the girl you are about to see.

Que: Some of your escorts have their faces blurred or sunglasses. Why?

Ans: It is entirely up to the girl. We do not ask them why as it is obvious. Probably they do not want to be exposed and recognised due to wide circle of people they are known by. It is not because they are trying to hide defects. We take on only good looking escorts. Maybe that is why none of our girls have ever been asked to leave.

Que: Do you accept cheques or credit/debit cards?

Ans: No we accept only cash in Indian rupees.

Que: What does in-call/out-call mean?

Ans:The term incall escorts is the girls you are going to visit. The term outcall escorts is the girls you are going to be visited by.

Que: How far your escorts can travel?

Ans: Pretty far. Up to 30 miles outside the M25 or even further. Two hours notice is ideal.

Que: What do I get for the amount I pay?

Ans: You receive full time you pay for. 2 hour means 120 minutes and no less than that. The timing starts once the escort is with you at your place or you are at her place. So it is in your own interest to have the cash handy. The ladies might leave earlier if the client implies. It also includes a two-way cab fee. No extras to pay unless you cancel the appointment.

Que: Will my details remain discreet?

Ans:Your personal information remains confidential. The management of the Best Goa Escort Agency realises the importance of absolute discretion. No details would ever be released. Our escorts wish to remain confidential as well as you.

Que: Do your escorts provide sexual services?

Ans: This is simply an introduction service and nothing else. You are paying for companionship and pleasant company. Our escorts are fun and friendly but you are not paying for sexual services. The agency is not responsible for events between two adults.

Que: Where abouts are the girls based?

Our escort girls live in different areas and some of them travel to certain places for an incall. Please call for details.